Data Visualization

Data visualizations offer the ability to quickly spot trends, correlations and patterns, and—most importantly—personally engage with the data with sliders, filters and other interactive features. FFunction can find the stories in your data and develop an experience that speaks to every level of user, from engaged citizens, consumers, policymakers, corporate executives and journalists. Our interactive data visualizations are easy to share and to embed on third-party sites, but also link back to the unadulterated data so they become a credible resource for high-level users with a sensitivity to the data and its context. As one of North America’s leading data visualization agencies, FFunction has worked with various sizes of data; from simple statistical information to aggregated data, to complex datasets made up of millions of datapoints. Although there is a lot of hype around the possibilities of big data, small data is just as interesting (if not more) from a data-driven storytelling perspective. In any case, big or small - FFunction can create a visual vocabulary for your datapoints, transforming them into a codified visual language. This can give you a new vocabulary with which to talk to your user; one that can highlight specific data findings, encourage exploration, show the context of an issue, underpin the importance of a program or communicate impact effectively. The choice of charts, graphs and/or maps depends largely on the size and nature of your dataset. Scatterplots, piecharts, line graphs, histograms, treemaps, stacked bar charts, heatmaps - each type of chart or graph is suited to a particular context or data type. One of the key tenants of data visualization is establishing hierarchies of information and making them clear. The best visualizations challenge the viewer to think about the substance rather than just the presentation, and encourage the eye to compare datapoints through different lenses. This process, when done correctly, can reveal insight from a broad overview to minute detail, and facilitate discovery and insight. Each project that comes out of our studio is custom-made to fit the client’s needs. FFunction is internationally recognized for the quality of its data visualizations, including the Kantar Information Is Beautiful award for Best Data Visualization Studio. Contact us to discuss your dataviz project.

data visualization services


  • Interactive charts
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Big Data projects
  • Storytelling with data
  • Online experiences
  • Interactive maps
  • Consulting
  • Web development

Data visualization:

  1. data trends Reveals hidden patterns and trends within data
  2. interactive data visualization Can be interactive, allowing users to zero in on what is most relevant to them.
  3. data experience Brings dormant data to life
One-page scroll data visualization example
How Much Does Your Country Invest in R&D
A trilingual interactive data visualization project framing trends and ranking research and development expenditure. This interactive pulls data directly from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics API and visualizes them through a series of line graphs and bubble charts.
Data visualization for environment
Earth Insights
Putting Big Data to work with scatterplots, animated maps and line graphs, Earth Insights tells stories about threatened animals around the world, the conservationists protecting them and biodiversity trends they are discovering every day.
Interactive data visualization example
An interactive data visualization using maps, tree graphs and bubble charts, Explorers visually maps National Geographic research projects and provides a clear and cogent search engine for both internal and public use.