Data-driven applications

Data-driven applications help users search, explore and draw constructive conclusions from information. FFunction has a wealth of experience designing and developing custom-made user interfaces that connect to an existing database or API. For business leaders, these kinds of applications can help establish patterns between operational and business activities so that users can identify and act on emerging trends faster. Web-based applications can form the backbone of a data-driven approach to business, and ensure you are making decisions based on what is really happening within your organization, instead of what you think might be happening. Other data-driven applications are more public-facing, communicative and exploratory, allowing the end user to perform a variety of tasks quickly and easily, such as exploring data relationships, exporting / importing files, interacting with other systems and browsing and filtering large sets of data. Our applications can also include user accounts, reports in a variety of formats, and strong interactive visualization components. We‘ve also worked extensively with geo-located data; creating map-based applications with interactive drop-pins and animated cartography with gaming elements. Many services (authentication, data storage, communication) can be integrated into the data-driven application using an API. What shape the data-driven application takes will ultimately depend on the data, the end-user, and the client’s needs. Today, smartphones and tablets make up roughly 50% of the web’s traffic so it makes sense for dataviz to function across devices seamlessly. All FFunction’s applications can be coded to work on desktop, laptop and mobile equally well. We have also created applications for giant touchscreens for use within a conference setting. We are well-versed with developing custom-made applications and are constantly refining our approach to user interface design. In terms of a technical approach, FFunction favours an iterative web development process, flexible interface design, open source software and clear separation of data and presentation layers. FFunction’s team includes a UX specialist, so every potential interaction within our data-driven applications has been thought out and reviewed during the development process. The end result; your application will be fast, robust, and just the right solution for your needs.

data driven application


  • Data-driven tools
  • Data portals
  • Custom dashboards
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web development
  • Map-based applications
  • Custom business analytic tools
  • Visual analytics


  1. information sharing Keep stakeholders informed and engaged
  2. understanding data Allow organizations to make sense of their own data
  3. data insight Allow organizations to make sense of their own data
Custom data mapping application example
Maize System Map
A custom-made interactive flowchart of the maize seed system in sub-Saharan Africa to be used for sharing knowledge and identifying connections. This tool uses live data integration to ensure the information being shared is always current.
User interface for API example
Security Force Monitor
For Open Society Foundation
An application that collects, compiles and visualizes information on various branches of security forces around the world. The web development of this tool incorporates geographical maps, network graphs and a search tool, the results of which can be downloaded as a table.
Data portal design example
Data Portal Tool
For Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO)
A custom solution to visualize Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations’ annual survey data. FFunction developed a database-driven webpage that enables users to filter by size, subsector, and region to find the information that is most important to them.