GOOD Magazine and Levi’s

Your Daily Dose of Water

Launch Website
Launch Website

GOOD is a magazine for the “global citizen and creative changemaker.” Together with Levi’s, it commissioned FFunction to make the issue of water conservation into a personal one.
To do so, we created an interactive infographic that shows all the ways in which an individual’s daily dose of water adds up on a typical day. After selecting which activities they routinely do and which foods they eat in their daily routine, users get to see just how much it adds up on a typical day. The results can be surprising: for the average American, 95 percent of one’s water footprint isn't from a long shower or running the washing machine—it's from the food, energy and products one consumes. The average person in America uses 2000 gallons of water each day - that's a whopping 7570 litres. Even brushing your teeth uses up to four gallons (15 litres) of water.
Your Daily Dose of Water is sprinkled with pain-free tips to reduce your energy and water consumption, simple things such as combining errands or choosing chicken instead of steak. Water cannot be created; we have a finite amount available and collectively we should make choices that reduce our impact on this vital resource.
In addition to making citizens more water-wise, Your Daily Dose of Water has driven traffic to GOOD’s website—in fact, it has become one of its most popular infographics of all time.