Visualize Your Taxes

Using data provided by, FFunction created a data visualization for Online Schools to enter in a Google Challenge that would make it easier for U.S. citizens to understand how the government spends tax money. This data visualization gives users the opportunity to better understand the US federal budget and how it impacts on them as taxpayers. 
Users can personalize their experience, inputting their own income and filing status before setting their own priorities - environment, debt, social services, energy, health, agriculture and defense. What We Pay For then tells you exactly how much your own priorities align with a particular year’s budget and how much you personally contributed towards a specific priority, e.g. “In 1995, you paid an estimated $2,211 in National Defense.” The visualization makes it possible to navigate through three different representations, focus on a specific year, account or overall period, interactively navigate in time, compare and get specific numerical details.
Visualize your Taxes was one of FFunction’s very first experiments with integrating storytelling into our dataviz and it paid off in spades; the project was named as a finalist in the international competition.


  • Google Dataviz Challenge 2011 Finalist 2011