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Launch Website

Min, a web-based project planning software, is the first product by FFunction. Designed with agencies in mind, it brings together high-level resource visibility with a minimalist user interface to solve many of the problems associated with planning digital projects.
With ten years of experience delivering short-deadline design projects with a small versatile team of designers and developers, our agency has gained strong skills in project management and scheduling resources. We have tried many apps that claimed they would make this process a breeze but they all failed miserably: few allow you to manage both people and projects, and most don’t provide a bird eye view of what is going on in your business. Other agencies agree: we spoke with many creative studio owners and project managers who were disappointed by their management tools.
With our core expertise in UX and information design, we felt we could create a much better, visual-based app than what is currently offered on the market. Our UX designers crafted a beautiful, simple user interface that delivers automated timeline generation and details on demand. After all, tasks and time tracking are data too, and data visualization is what we do best. 
Min is designed, branded, marketed and built by FFunction.