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Launch Website

Over 50% of all cancers can be prevented by adopting healthier lifestyle choices, however there are very few tools educating the public about the factors that influence the risks of developing the disease.
Created for the Canadian Cancer Society, It’s My Life! allows users to learn about the impact of cancer and make positive lifestyle changes to mitigate the risk of developing it. Crucially, the information is packaged within an easy-to-use interactive design and uses plain conversational language to encourage access, participation and sharing. Taking advantage of what only interactivity can provide, it offers individually tailored prevention suggestions based on a user’s specific risk factors. It’s My Life! puts an emphasis on sharing user pledges via social media, in a bid to spread the empowering message that cancer often can be prevented.
Presented in four main steps, the application begins by allowing users to predict their probability of getting cancer during their lives. Users are then invited to determine their lifestyle and daily actions, ("Do you smoke? What's on your plate? Do you spend a lot of time sitting down?") while visualizing the potential health consequences. At the end of the experience, users are invited to explore general statistics on cancer, as well as its evolution over time in Canada. Last but not least, personalized resolutions, recommendations and advice are offered to users based on their previous answers.
The interactive tool can also be used by educators and health organizations to raise awareness about cancer prevention.
Within five months of launching, It’s My Life received 20,618 unique visitors, and 28,540 visits. Users spent 4.11 minutes on the site and collectively made 5,422 pledges to change their behaviour. It received 567 shares on Facebook and 308 shares on Twitter, including retweets from high profile users such as Bif Naked (130,000 followers) and Andre Picard (30,100 followers).
  • 98% of users agreed that It’s My Life information is relevant.
  • 94% of users said that they learned a lot about how to reduce their cancer risk.
  • 84.3% intended to explore for further information
And the most impressive: 92.7% of users intend to make a lifestyle change to reduce their cancer risk.
An integral part of this project is the follow up; timely reminders from Canadian Cancer Society via social media such as “Have you been standing up more often this past week?” which aim to turn good intentions into tangible results that will save lives.


  • International Design Awards (IDA) 2015 Silver, interactive media 2015
  • Redgees 2015 Best in Region - Québec 2015
  • Numix 2015 FINALIST 2015
  • So(cial) Good Design Awards 2015 Non-Profit, Client Initiated Projects 2015