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Launch Website

Vaccines save lives. But the process leading to clinical trials for a new vaccine requires deep knowledge in a number of fields. Only a handful of researchers, funders and advocates in the medical community are completely familiar with it all.
From Bench to Clinic is a web tool (also available as a downloadable PDF) that helps with the transition of candidate vaccines to phase-I clinical trials. How? By letting the user navigate through the process and obtain the necessary information for each step; costs, timelines, and practical tips. 
It also allows users to quickly hone in on the information they need by using a search tool, and to enter variables about their vaccine to see the effects on the timeline and budget. At any time, users can select different scenarios or types of vaccine to see how it reflects on time and budget. Furthermore, a search tool is made available to quickly find information. The web tool’s data can easily be updated, which extends the project’s shelf life.
In creating this web tool, FFunction turned complex and fragmented information into a seamless, interactive visual summary—an accomplishment that made the project a finalist in the 2014 Numix award for business communication after it debuted at the 2014 AIDS Vaccine conference in Barcelona.
Users of From Bench to Clinic spent a lot of time using it, sometimes up to 20 minutes per visit, proving its usefulness and how it addresses a strong need for researchers. It is also proving its longevity; in 2015 it will relaunch with additional features such as case studies, real life scenarios and a country data comparison table.