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Launch Website
Launch Website

Earth Insights is an innovative collaboration between HP and Conservation International that applies data-processing technology to monitor biodiversity loss across the world’s tropical forests. Using millions of animal photos captured by “camera traps,” scientists are able to track how land use, human activity and climate change affect species.
FFunction’s mission was to design an interactive touch-screen presentation introducing Earth Insights at HP Discover Barcelona, an industry conference which was attended by approximately 10,000 customers, partners and IT thought leaders.
Our prototype visualizations revealed interesting leads in the data and helped to inspire our concept.
Data-rich visualizations were overlaid on lush forest photography to create an intriguing nature-meets-technology ambience. The experience was structured to guide the user from a big picture overview to granular data insights through three separate sections that each expressed a different aspect of the data.
Using slideshow, timeline, animated map and data visualization elements, the finished presentation told stories about threatened animals around the world, the conservationists who are working to protect them and the biodiversity trends they are discovering with the help of data-analysis solutions.
It also integrated statistics and animal photos from fieldwork sites—all into a seamless, intuitive layout that captivated visitors to the exhibit and won over the jury of the AIGA Justified design competition in 2014. Here’s what one AIGA juror had to say: “This is an awe-inspiring, seductive and immersive display of quantitative information that expertly treads the line between gratuitous technological flash and accountable and decodable data. It’s a triumph of interaction and experience design.” —Christopher Simmons
Following the launch of HP Earth Insights, FFunction was invited to present the project at Visualized 2014 in New York, a well-known data visualization conference. The talk was extremely well received and garnered attention from major environmental organizations and the data visualization community.
View our presentation of HP Earth Insights at Visualized 2014.


  • AIGA Justified 2014 Winner 2014
  • Grafika 2015 100 Best Projects 2015