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Every spring, Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier reports on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance. Overall, they aim to deliver innovation, manage responsibly and support communities. But what does this mean, specifically? And how do the company’s stakeholders know what key performance indicators are actually being met?

FFunction’s 2012 Bombardier CSR report communicates the detail around how these aims will be achieved in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the reader, thanks to informative icons, maps, bar charts and product lifecycle diagrams as well as photographs of the products and team. It shows what positive steps have been achieved and where Bombardier has fallen short of what they hoped to accomplish. Overall, there is a good deal of room for innovation in this industry, and Bombardier are proving themselves at the forefront of environmental and social responsibility by developing new products such as the CSeries Mainliner, an aircraft with an unmatched environmental scorecard, and the ZEFIRO 380, a very high speed train that sets a new standard for climate-friendly, long distance travel.

The report itself was printed on 100% post-consumer fibres, certified EcoLogo, processed chlorine-free and FSC certified recycled. Using this paper instead of virgin paper, saves 32 mature trees, 1,774kg of waste, 52GJ of energy, 4,612kg of CO2, 117,126 litres of water and 14kg of NOx.

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