The Virtual Missions

The Cosmodome is Canada’s only world-class museum devoted entirely to astronautics and space exploration. Founded in 1994 as a recreational and educational complex dedicated to space sciences, Laval’s Cosmodome opened the doors on a new and immersive permanent exhibition in 2011.
The Cosmodome experience is centred around a set of three hour-long virtual missions. These highly interactive simulations allow visitors to experience first-hand the man’s first trip to the moon, a mission to Mars set in the future, or a space probe’s journey towards the outer limits of space. They can test their piloting abilities by mastering maneuvers based on the Apollo 11 mission or build the first Martian base of the history of humanity.
FFunction worked closely with exhibition developer gsmprjct° to develop user interfaces for the interactive missions. We took inspiration from video gaming - an interface style many participants would already be familiar with - to create an experience that would be clear, simple to navigate, dynamic and hold plenty of visual impact. The project was incredibly well-received by visitors and critics alike; it won a Grand Prix at the Boomerang Awards in 2012 and a Numix Award in 2013, both for the interactive component of the exhibition.


  • Boomerang 2012 Grand Prix, interactive installation 2012
  • NUMIX 2013 Winner, museum exhibition 2013