Asia Pacific Foundation

Canada National Opinion Poll

How do Canadians feel about China? What about France, or the United States? It’s a complex question that calls for a nuanced reply.

The APF Canada National Opinion Poll is an innovative data visualization using survey information gathered by the Asia Pacific Foundation to determine Canada’s perceptions of other countries around the world, with a particular focus on Asia. Over 3,000 Canadian adults participated in the survey and the results provide a telling snapshot of international perceptions and their potential impact on business here in Canada.

The first set of visualizations - a set of triangular radar charts - conveys how the various provinces of Canada feel about India, France, China, Japan and the United States in terms of their respective importance to Canada’s prosperity. It also shows how Canadians might feel about these countries having a controlling interest in a Canadian company.

The second and most central aspect of this dataviz is the Attributes Wheel, which shows how each province would describe Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, India, China, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and the United States using terms such as “Admired,” “Honest,” “Friendly,” “Boring” and “Corrupt.” Simply look at the ring denoting Australia (marked “H” on the wheel). You can tell at a glance that across every Canadian province the perceptions of Australia are resoundingly positive, with almost no depth of colour indicated in the negative sphere at all. Interestingly enough, China’s designated ring on the wheel offers a more complex picture - there is high colour in “Threatening,” “Authoritarian” and “Corrupt” in the negative sphere, but also high colour in “Growing” and “Strong” in the positive.

The third and final dataset relates to how Canadians feel about Asia as a whole, and uses 7-pointed radar charts to illustrate a variety of factors including “Agree with transporting and selling energy to Asia” and “Asia is more an opportunity vs a threat.” Within these charts, Alberta shows the strongest economic connection with Asia, whilst British Columbia shows the highest cultural connection and Ontario the highest “people” connection.

This dataviz is the ideal showcase for FFunction’s aesthetic; clean, beautiful, informative and state of the art.