September 2017

FFunction announces its first product: a visual planning tool for agencies

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Now in its 10th year of business, FFunction is taking a leap into the product market; the studio is currently developing a web-based project planning software called Min

Designed with agencies in mind, Min brings together high-level resource visibility with a minimalist user interface to solve many of the problems associated with planning digital projects. 

At the heart of Min is a clean, well-designed project scheduler which auto-calculates the best delivery dates based on task dependencies and team availability. The result is more long-term clarity, less bottlenecks, leaner processes and ultimately a team that has the information it needs to deliver—every time. 

Min’s features will be of most value to creative teams of up to 25 employees, such as design studios, PR firms, creative agencies and innovation labs. 

“If you have inefficient tools, mapping out multiple projects at once is not only problematic; it can sink your business if it’s not done right." says Creative Director, Audree Lapierre. “Planning has an enormous impact on work quality.” 

Established in 2008, FFunction has created data visualizations and data-driven tools for clients including UNESCO Institute for Statistics, HP, Google, Deloitte, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Bank; all high-end clients who expect detailed project timelines and careful planning. 

“At FFunction, we love data. Data helps us make better decisions, operate leaner businesses, and learn from our mistakes. As an agency we’ve found it’s crucial to have a handle on our own data—how well the team performs, where we can find pockets of time in the schedule— so that we can run a tighter ship with each passing project.” says Lapierre. “Without that information you’re just flying blind.” 

This “information-first” approach is nothing new for FFunction, which earned a slew of awards in recent years—including the prestigious AIGA Justified—for the team’s ability to turn raw data into sleek interfaces. FFunction has designed and developed hundreds of projects structured to guide the user from a big picture overview to granular data insights. Min’s interface will operate in much the same way; breaking down projects into milestones and making them actionable with gantt charts, resource allocation visualizations and highly functional UX. 

One key tenet of Min is flexibility. If milestones change at any stage during the project, the schedule updates in real-time, automatically forecasting new delivery dates and amending the capacity planner. Based on the team’s tracked hours the project manager can also see how the original plan stacks up against the hard reality of production. 


Min is about to embark on a private alpha phase, with FFunction’s developers and designers working closely with testers including DPT, Dovecot Studios, gsmprjct, Studio Locale and Deux Huit Huit to refine the tool and its capabilities. 

Following this will be a private beta phase. FFunction anticipates rolling out additional features during Min’s beta, including integrations with Slack and Trello and client reporting. FFunction also plans to offer Min in both French and English with full support available in both languages. This will be useful for teams operating across Montreal and Toronto, for example, or Paris and New York. 

“Right now, we’re launching a tool that does one thing well: project scheduling.” says Lapierre. “But we have a solid plan for a suite of features that will transform Min from a simple scheduling tool to a complete project solution for agencies.” 

To join the free private beta, which begins Winter 2017, simply request access

You can follow Min’s progress on Twitter and Facebook

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