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  1. July 2017

    CSR at FFunction: steps towards sustainability

    • News
    Read about our priorities, performance and plans in FFunction's most recent CSR report. 
  2. June 2017

    Let's talk about stats, baby

    • Article

    Factlets, statistics, aggregates, raw data, big data..? This article tells you how each data type works in the context of data visualization. 

  3. May 2017

    What is data visualization?

    • Article
    • Data Visualization

    In a nutshell, data visualization is the visual representation of information.

    It's designed to help people understand information quickly, spot relationships and patterns, see the significance of the data points through a particular lens, and communicate effectively by telling data-driven stories.

    Information designers create a kind of visual language using data (whether big data, aggregate data or statistics); transforming them into a codified language of charts and graphs. In practice, these visualizations can be used in static infographics, interactive data visualizations, or data-driven applications.