FFunction is a Montréal-based studio specializing in information design. We combine software engineering & graphic design to bring you state of the art, functional and beautiful data visualizations and user interfaces for the Web.

Data Visualization

By turning data into visuals, we help you discover trends and gain valuable insights. Our dashboards and visual databases are keys to exploring and unlocking your information.


We give life to information through interactivity. Our reports and surveys become embeddable e-books that can be easily shared, viewed on tablets, printed or inserted in Powerpoint presentations.

User Interface

Well-designed interfaces are clear, beautiful, and simple. Enabling the user to interact with your application without room for error or confusion is our raison d'être.


Infographics tell a compelling story with facts and numbers. We capture your audience by assembling complex information in a dynamic visual package that is easy to read and easy to share.
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Infographic Prints

Purchase art prints of our infographics at society6